Exclusive Pre-Event Interview - Salim Al Riyami

Written by: Fleming. Team

Salim Al Riyami

HR & Support Services Manager

Al Ghubrah Power & Desalination Company

Fleming. : How do you think the role of HR is changing in Oman?

Salim Al Riyami : The role of HR is changing due to the socio-political, economic and technological factors that are witnessed currently in Oman. Lack of skills in the labour market, coupled with Omanisation has made all the companies to focus on talent management and how to develop and retain local potential employees and make them future successors for higher positions. On the other hand, HR in Oman is now benefiting from the advancement in technology reflected on automating most of the HR functions and operations, which in return reduce time consumption and administrative works.

Fleming. : In your opinion, how can the workforce planning be aligned to the core vision and business strategy of the organization?

Salim Al Riyami : In my opinion, the key is on using integrated people management strategies, which should be customized according to the organisation’s circumstances, presented in its business objectives, scorecards and required deliverables. It is through an actionable human capital strategy that the business strategies can be translated and driven into competitive advantage. Each role in the organization is critical for business growth and performance.

Fleming. : How has the role of HR changed in your organization due to the social and economic changes in Oman?

Salim Al Riyami : Currently the role of HR in our organization has gotten affected by the social and economic situation in Oman. For example, the company has started to introduce cost cutting strategies in the corporate levels, some Expatriates’ employment contracts are not being renewed, organization restructuring and downsizing are also considered in the agenda.

Fleming. : In your opinion, how can technology play an important role in boosting the HR profitability?

Salim Al Riyami : In my opinion, technology has improved the performance of HR, as I have indicated earlier most of the HR functions and practices have been automated, which in returns reduce time, paper work consumed manually, while at the same time output quality is improved and become more accurate.

Fleming. : In what way do you think this conference will benefit the participants?

Salim Al Riyami : The diversity of topics that the conference covers will give enrichment for the participants in the HR field. Also the conference is an ideal arena for networking among HR practitioners and professionals from different industries.

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