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Expert insight: There simply isn’t an argument for working unsafely

  • Chris Jerman, CFIOSH
  • Safety consultant
  • Anker & Marsh, United Kingdom

Warehouses can be hectic places at times but ‘busy’ can still be safe without hindering logistics operations. Safer often goes hand in hand with efficiency but that pay off is seldom seen at the time. It’s only when an incident occurs that the true cost of working unsafely is seen with injury, damage, intervention by the authorities and the inevitable downstream consequences sometimes playing out over months if not years. There simply isn’t an argument for working unsafely and whilst managers appreciate that, they have traditionally lacked the tools to really make safety work in a way that they understand.

This Warehouse Safety Risk Management course will explain how to identify what is important, how to control that and ensure that it remains under control; at all times.

Managers understand well their responsibilities for safety in their warehouses; they are reminded often enough after all. However, many lack the necessary confidence to make good on that duty often seeing safety as a confusing and specialist subject. They may have the willingness to participate but don’t have basic tools on how to make safety work effectively in their worlds. This course will give participants an understanding of the concepts at work in order to be stronger leaders of safety and hold meaningful conversations with their own businesses, insurers and enforcers alike.;