Fully exploring and utilizing digital learning across your organization

The speakers at the upcoming Corporate Learning and Corporate Universities conference share their advice. To learn more about our full event program and speaker lineup please visit the event website.

What is you top advise for professionals trying to fully explore and utilize digital learning across their organization?

“Two points of advice on this: First: ‘digital learningdoes not mean you need to remove the human element; in fact, if you do digital thoughtfully you can actually increase the person to person learning and realize a personalized learning experience that also builds community and connectivity across the workforce.

Second: digital learning doesn’t need to cost anything– clever design makes up for lack of fancy technology or third party vendor spend – consider a minimum viable product approach with the focus on getting the knowledge and skills into the heads and hands of those who need it in the easiest manner.”

  • Kristofor Swanson
  • Director of Digital Learning
  • JP Morgan, United Kingdom

“First of all, start with an end in mind, you must have a strategy, a plan in place. Work with the best in technology, make it simple to use and use friendly. Involve internal subject experts to create content and make it engaging and relevant. Measure and communicate results, but more important act on feedback to keep improving the system.”

  • Marcelo Alvisi de Paula
  • Senior Manager – Culture, Leadership and Learning
  • flyadeal, Saudi Arabia