As the 6th Annual Operational Excellence in Insurance conference is getting closer we asked our speakers Paolo Porrati, Selim Cavanagh and Georg Kordges what they think about the future of insurance.

How do you see the future of insurance in terms of digital products?

  • Paolo Porrati
  • Head of Customer Service
  • Generali Global Corporate & Commercial, Italy

I believe that Digital Products can also be an excellent opportunity for Corporate Insurance, allowing companies to expand and simplify their access to insurance coverage that would otherwise be excluded from the high level of customization normally associated with risk insurance policies. company. The use of digitization, and automation, is certainly one of the main enabling factors in this sense.

  • Selim Cavanagh
  • CEO
  • Ingenie, United Kingdom

All products will be digital reflecting the preferred method of interaction by customers. The digital customer journey is an opportunity to get close to the customer and deliver services they want at the right time.

  • Georg Kordges
  • Senior Vice-President Attorney & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Arag, Germany

Despite algorithms and distributed ledger technologies, creativity and imaginativeness will be key in the competition of digital insurance products.

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