Interested in renting the most energy-efficient island in the world?

Written by: Fleming. Team

Richard Branson's Necker Island, which belongs to the British Virgin Islands territory, was purchased in 1978 to serve the needs of affluent celebrities and entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey, the Obamas, Jimmy Fallon, Princess Diana and many others.

The prices for private rentals (whole island) start at around $80 thousand per single night, but if you’re on a budget, you can also book an individual villa for only 30 thousand per week.

The Necker villas can host 16-28 people who enjoy Bali-style accommodations, nature-inspired, open living quarters, and wildlife mise-en-scène and have a staff of 100 servants at their disposal.

Now, the world-famous entrepreneur Branson has a new dream: to transform Necker Island into one of the most energy-efficient islands in the world.

He’s partnered with NRG Renew to take on this challenge, aiming to phase out diesel fuel and make Necker a test bed for innovative technologies.

He plans to develop a microgrid system that allows the island to be energy-efficient and almost completely self-sustaining. Upon completion, renewable resources will be responsible for offsetting 75 percent of the island’s total consumption, with an integrated array of solar, wind and energy storage technologies.

After experiencing several hurricanes, Branson is also aspiring to spread these efforts across other Caribbean countries, calling for 'a green energy revolution.' The aim is to make these countries more sustainable, which will also make dealing with hurricanes much easier. Smaller grids with wind and solar generation are easier to repair, and they will also help to reduce costs for fuel in these countries bogged down by very high fuel prices due to difficult logistics.