by Fleming. Team

1) According to you, what strategies should adopt to be updated with the changing times, in terms of banking technology.

The changing times, in terms of Banking technology, should reflect the World we see around us. All we need to do is look at how transportation and communication have evolved in the past 50/100 years. The same must happen with the Bank Branch, as it remains the most important asset to support, and engage customer needs. The Bank Branch must be redesigned to allow for new Omni-Channel high quality technological experience for all the traditional transactions, allowing Branch managers to be close to their customers.

2) What disruptive technologies do you feel banks need to look out for in 2017?

The disruption already started with the mobile banking App. This year should be the validation of BlockChain. Will it truly have the impact expected on the industry? In the EU the PSD2 will drastically reshape the Banking ecosystem. This could have a world impact as successful models are developed and other Banking economic areas develop similar directives for their industry.

3) How do you see the industry evolving in the next five years?

I see it becoming more empowering towards the consumer. Fintechs are developing Chatbots, and Narrow focused AIs that will be able to advise and provide transparent, and easy to understand financial solutions for: Loans, Mortgages, Pension funds, Car Loans, Insurance,… these will create a strong demand on the Banking industry to become more user friendly. There will be a financial  App for everything from looking at the best possible Mortgage and insurance package you can afford, to getting/depositing  Cash and checks at any time any ware.