Interview: Project & Portfolio Management for Pharma & Biotech

Written by: Fleming. Team

1. What are the latest PPM trends occurring in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry?

The latest trend seems to be the huge diversity in what is expected of a “PPM” practitioner in any one organization. Current expectations range from your basic bread-n-butter, PMP-certified PM to someone who is officially leading R&D matrix teams or portfolio groups. The bread-n-butter PM of yesteryears is almost certainly not enough; this job role does still exist but is mostly a dead-end career that tops out at AD level or lower. The skill sets vary tremendously based on the organization. For the more leadership/strategic roles, the technical PM know-how may not be important at all. Whatever the technical/strategic requirements, EQ is as important as ever if not more. The bottom line is that the depth and breadth of knowledge required for overall marketability is more difficult than ever.

2. What are the main mistakes Product & Portfolio Managers tend to make and one should avoid?

Getting too comfortable in a role is a common mistake. It’s easy to do what you have done for years but you won’t learn much and you will certainly become less marketable.

3. What do you consider the most burning issue to be discussed at the upcoming 10th Annual Project & Portfolio Management for Pharma & Biotech – East conference?

There is no one burning topic as far as I am concerned. However, I believe it is an opportunity for practitioners to see gaps in their knowledge base and develop a plan to fill that gap.


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