Interview with Bobby Singh

Written by: Bobby Singh President

Site Leadership not only visualizes where the organization needs to go, but also provides the will to overcome barriers and resistance to change.

Even though turnarounds are the single most important event in plant operations I have found in my experience that Plant Managers have a simplistic perspective of turnarounds, and perhaps they don't fully comprehend or appreciate key issues such as:

  • Time frame needed for planning
  • Involvement of different departments
  • Resources required to effectively plan and execute turnarounds
  • Their leadership role, support and participation

Below are some strategies and steps that are necessary to engage the plant management as an active participant in the turnaround planning and execution role:

  • Define Site Leadership's turnaround vision / expectations. This includes understanding their concerns, risks and weak areas.
  • Establish Site Leadership's support and guiding role from the beginning.
  • Participation of turnaround staff from all departments.
  • Include plant management to the brainstorming sessions.
  • Communicate business decisions that impact the turnaround.
  • Select a Turnaround Manager who has leadership qualities, is experienced and has a significant status in the plant.

Active engagement and Site Leadership's support is essential in achieving pacesetter results and ensuring World-Class Shutdowns and Turnarounds. Always remember that turnarounds are all about people and its success will depend on everyone, including the Site Leadership, working together as a team with the common focus of achieving the turnaround's goals.