Interview with Dr. Dean Bartles

Written by: Fleming. Team

How has the perception of the manufacturing industry changed with respect to innovation?

"Due to President Obama’s initiative to launch a National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI), the perception of innovation in the manufacturing industry has changed completely. The industry is no longer viewed as dumb, dark, dirty, and dangerous. Instead terms are “digital manufacturing,” “smart manufacturing,” “intelligent manufacturing,” “brilliant factory” are all now common speak!"

How important is digital technology for the future of manufacturing?

"McKinsey Consulting recently surveyed all of their clients in their Operations practice and concluded that “Digital Manufacturing” and “Big Data” will be their top two initiatives going forward. Similar studies by the Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, and others have obtained the same results. Digital Manufacturing is a top priority for most manufacturers."

What is the biggest growth area in manufacturing innovation?

"The biggest growth area in manufacturing innovation is in the areas of “smart” manufacturing and connecting the digital thread up and down the Supply Chain throughout the entire design and production lifecycle. Hooking every machine tool on every shop floor in every plant in the country to the “cloud” and streaming real time data so that predictive analytics can be performed will change the face of manufacturing in the future."

In your experience, what have been the main hurdles in implementing digital manufacturing technologies?

"The main hurdles in implementing digital manufacturing technologies include getting top management buy-in and understanding, as well as demonstrating actual use cases that show the value proposition."

In which manufacturing industry (aerospace, industrial, chemical, etc.) are we seeing maximum information technology investment?

"Maximum information technology investment is best seen in continuous processing operations like those seen in the chemicals area. However, Aerospace companies are moving up fast!"

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