Interview with Gary Costin

Written by: Gary Costin Senior Presenter

Meet Gary at the Certified Advanced Senior Project Manager (ASPM™) training.

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Certified Advanced Senior Project Manager (ASPM)™

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Comparing the role of a financial or project manager in2006 and 2016, what do you think have been the biggest changes? What are thetrends now and what trends do you see for the future?

"The landscape has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Global projects, new technology and the need for more social and environmentally driven projects have an impact on the financial bottom line. I think that some of the trends going forward will be: Change Management, Portfolio Management, Globalised Project Teams, Lean Project Management and Technology."

If you had to summarise the components of a good, effective and successful project in five words, what would they be?

"Business requirements; Stakeholders; WBS or Work Breakdown Structure; Risk; Environment."

What are the qualities of a good team leader? What is specific to leading an international team?

"A good team leader listens and is emotionally intelligent. He leads by example and is a good communicator who collaborates with everyone. Communication is really the key. A company with international teams also has to have a well-defined stakeholder analysis process and has to reinforce goals regularly."

From your perspective, what has been the most interesting project you have worked on during your career? What were the biggest challenges?

"Global projects with high risk & high return potential have been the most challenging. They force me to really challenge myself and the teams to rise up! Also, managing egos has been quite a test."

You were the trainer at our preceding event in 2015. In your opinion, what are the key benefits of attending a Fleming. training?

"The trainings are always professionally conducted with clear communication plus the venues are really nice."