Interview with Hank Zbierski (Chief Catalyst, IsoTropic Networks)

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1. Can you give us a brief overview of IsoTropic Networks and your offerings for the mining sector?

IsoTropic Networks provides high-availability satellite solutions globally. Our custom designed solutions provide a resilient satellite communications network enhancing real-time operations.

2. How can IsoTropic Networks help mining organizations expand their remote communications infrastructure?

With the adoption of Integrated Remote Operations Centers IsoTropic’s global managed network is designed to provide scalability and reliability no matter the location or environmental factors. Our cost-effective approach allows for a tremendous user experience and enhanced security.

3. How do remote communication technologies help the mining industry gain competitive advantage?

Geoscience, Exploration, Development and Production of mine sites is extremely expensive from the standpoint of funding and labor. IsoTropic’s newest media offerings allow for Monitoring, Security, and Employee/Contractor Welfare along with the communication tools necessary for critical analytics, which are paramount to a successful mining operation.

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4. Which technology do you feel has disrupted the industry in terms of remote site communications?

Multicast delivery of video. In the past employee welfare as it pertained to entertainment and “off-time” was not even considered as the delivery of video requires streaming which is bandwidth intensive and expensive. By resurrecting this “forgotten” protocol IsoTropic can now deliver NETFLIX content to an unlimited number of mine sites and end users at the fraction of the cost of streaming video.

5. How does Canadian mining differentiate from the rest of the world in their communications requirements?

Canada truly addresses the environmental impact of mining. That’s a real differentiator. I have been around the world and really admire what the Canadian mining industry is handling their environmental responsibilities.

6. What are you looking forward to at the 6th Global Mining IT and Communications Summit?

Meeting all the wonderful people in the industry and creating awareness of our VSAT VIDEO product.

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