Interview with Manolis Fafalios

Written by: Fleming. Team

Europe Finance

7th Annual Shared Services

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Which KPIs do you think are the most crucial in regard to Shared Services?

-It's a very difficult question. There are too many KPIs… Number one is SMEs need a process for carrying out customer service. Then, regarding the process, it would be accuracy and quality of the service. I think these are the key factors to bringing efficiency and cost savings not only in my company but also in general.

What do you think should be the key focus of Shared Services in the future? What is the next generation of Shared Services?

-Quality of service and people development – because you don't see the right people in many companies and most of the people are in global business services, so you have to funnel into the shared services and make sure that you generate future leaders for your company.

How important do you think HR is in the multifunctional model in shared services?

-HR, with its functions, is already a pioneer in shared services, but nowadays it seems to be neglected. One of the reasons is because of the systems; HR is not usually a priority for systems. The second is mindset. The moment that a company understands that HR is an important part of shared services, consolidation will occur and we will all move HR to shared services.

How about your company?

-We have had HR in our company since our start in 2011.

How do you enjoy your role as conference chairman?

- This is my second time chairing this conference. I enjoy it very much. It's fun. When I was asked to do it again, I said yes – but I only do it for Fleming.

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