Interview with Marina Lavrova

Written by: Fleming. Team

As you are going to speak about the changes that you have implemented recently in your company, can you reveal what were the reasons for those changes?

All companies go through the changes – planned or unplanned. We understand that the change management system requires agreed decisions and integration with quality risk management processes.

Implementation of computer systems for managing changes provides with benefits such as:

- Absolute transparency of change management process

- Reduction of the amount of time needed for change implementation

- Risk-oriented approach to change management

- Decreasing the amount of mistakes

- Exclusion of hard copies

...and – as conclusion – reduction of the overall costs for managing poor quality of a product.

Interview was made for the 1st annual of the Quality Assurance in Russian Pharma Manufacturing conference which took place on 27-28 of May 2015 in Moscow, Russia.

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