Interview with Michaël Nieuwesteeg

Written by: Fleming. Team

Q1: What are your thoughts/ overview on packaging industry in ME region?
Then packaging industry in the ME region faces two changes. The first relates to the future use of oil and its implications on the carbon dioxide emissions if the final outcome of the oil is carbon dioxide. Carbon-capture end-of-life scenarios should be stimulated.
The second has to do with the long-term prosperity of the region in terms of a well-balanced society and supporting industry, creating added value for and by the population. Responsible business development and life-long education and training of the workforce are key to this.


Q2: Comments on pivotal role played by technology?
Technology may greatly help in obtaining the goals set for the region. Mutual exchange of technoligical insights and challenges may be benmneficial as well. For instance, have a look at the results of the latest (28th) edition of packaging Innovation Contest De Gouden Noot at


Q3: Innovation, keeping up with trends and devise their business strategy is now basic need for every organization, We would like your views on the how much pro-activeness should organizations have towards innovation and as your presentation states " Innovation is expensive - Myth or reality?" could you elaborate a bit that please?

Innovation itself is not necessarily expensive, however it requires creativity and ‘stubborn’ dedication to achieve results at the same time. And a little bit of luck, of course. I really look forward to contribute to the innovation in the region via the conference.


Q4: What is the next BIG THING in Packing industry which the ME region should look out for?
Maybe three topics to address, without claiming to be exhaustive: user-centered packaging design, new packaging materials and finding a solution for the carbon dioxide emissions challenge.