Interview with ​Mr. Mario Anero

Written by: Fleming. Team


1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is customer experience and feedback for you? What measures is your company taking to meet customer expectations?

We all want to be the best in customer understanding, customer centricity, customer focus, customer service... So if anything is important for making progress on these topics, it is to get their feedback and understand what is working well and what we need to improve. So it is a 10 for me.

We have implemented TNPS in a significant number of countries and other programs to better understand and meet customer expectations.

2. What are the most difficult aspects of dealing with insurance claims?

Managing customer expectations from the first notification of loss (FNOL) is key for simplifying the claim handling process and making it easy (the more information we get and provide to the customer at FNOL, the better the final outcome). When we don't do that, problems arise.


3. What is the most ridiculous fraud attempt you have encountered while working in the claims environment?

I was the loss adjuster in a fire claim in a very small health center in a small village in Spain. The policy hadn't been issued when the claim happened, so they bought the insurance policy a few days after ("fishy, to say the least"). The person who first discovered the fire was a patient of the health center and when I tried to talk with him, I was told that he had died. I went to the cemetery to find his tomb and... he died the day after the fire (he didn't feel good and that was the reason why he went to the health center that day). The policy was issued a week later...

4. Can you share some interesting case study you have come across or a case you have struggled with personally in your professional environment?

As a former adjuster, I always defended the added value of an adjuster in every single claim (small, medium, large loss). It was hard to accept when I realized (after a real pilot we had prepared for some months) that for small motor claims, the "savings" in indemnities that we got with the appointment of an independent adjuster were not enough to compensate the fees we pay them.


5. What are the latest innovations you have implemented in your business and how have they worked for your company?

I would highlight two:

- TNPS. The need to get customer feedback is really important.

- The Case Management System for litigation. It is essential to understand how we are performing in litigation and learn from experience.


6. What do you enjoy most about your job?

- EVERYTHING ! I am a claims animal 🙂 I was happy working as an adjuster in motor, property, casualty and marine claims; afterwards I continued to be more than happy working in claims vendor management in Spain and Globally and now I am very happy working in Property globally as well. I wouldn't have any problem to work in any of these positions again...