Interview with Peter Sahlin, Architect & CEO at pS Arkitektur in Stockholm, Sweden

Written by: Fleming. Team

Peter Sahlin is founder and CEO at pS Arkitektur in Stockholm. He has +20 years of experience designing innovative offices for companies like RedBull, Skype, Tui, Shire and Microsoft.
“The philosophy of the office is rapidly changing into a transparent, collaborative and flexible place to meet.”



1. We are glad that you will be speaking at this year's #SWDS. Can you give us a little sneak peek into your topic?

Today, the philosophy of the office is rapidly changing into a transparent, collaborative and flexible place to meet and interact. In growing cities, with high levels of service companies, they compete to attract the smartest staff. In order to win the “war of brains," companies are much more aware of the importance of an attractive and well-designed office.

The need for a physical place or domicile” is as important as the job, the salary or my colleagues. The future office is about people .” To achieve a successful office design, you must focus on three major subjects: people, culture and technology. I will show examples of design solutions from 20 years of practice. From small to big…

2. pS Arkitektur has been providing design and architecture services since 1995. Where do you see the biggest differences between offices' styles in the 90s and now?

People are the same today as in the 90`s genetically. But, technology has changed our way of communicating and sharing information. The biggest asset for any company is the staff - and their creativity.

In the 90s, many tasks where done manually,” at a lower cost and at slower speed, than today. To deliver NOW” or ”Just in time” has made the challenge even bigger – to be able to shape the best ideas, but in half the time.

3. As a follow-up to the previous question – what is your vision of future offices? What are the future trends?

Design that is sustainable, flexible and including people (not excluding).


4. You have a wide portfolio with clients such as Skype, RedBull, Tui, Microsoft and Shire. Can you tell us what the main important factors are to meet clients' expectations?

Our vision is to create unique buildings and interiors that make an emotional and visual impression. During the early program phase, we always focused on people. To succeed, we focus on understanding the story behind” and the true image of the company. We boil down the story and then extract a brand story that enhances the smell” of the brand



5. What is the impetus for companies to transform their offices?

Fame, Fun and Fortune must be a vision/dream for planning future offices. And this is one part of our job – to make people/companies grow, mature and stick to their plans.


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