Interview with Scott Shaunessy, CEO of ideaPoint, about OI latest trends

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1. Software and collaborative web-based tools are crucial for implementing breakthrough innovations. What are their biggest security risks?

There are two risks:

  • External risk - the obvious one…companies do not want external people to ever see their proprietary data, pipeline information or technology assessments.
  • Internal risks - also called “contamination risk”. Companies need to be sure that they “shield” proprietary information about an external technology from internal R&D people so they don’t get “contaminated” from that information and it ends up influencing their own R&D projects. This is a very real risk and companies are making great strides to do so. Any software that helps companies collaborate internally on the evaluation of an external technology needs to also protect against contamination or they will end up in a lawsuit.


2. Which current trends do you see in IP rights and licensing? Which are the biggest challenges companies have to face?

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