Interview with Stephan Moltzen

Written by: Fleming. Team

  • What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of multichannel distribution?
  • How can banks effectively face the threast and challenges of the market?
  • What is a hands-on experience of Deutsche Bank with new technologies?

We asked Stephan Moltzen, Head of Product Management Insurance at Deutsche Bank, who was speaking at the 9th Annual Bancassurance Forum about "Ideas to maximise Bancassurance effectiveness in a multi-channel customer-centric environment"


1. If you were to name the biggest advantage and the biggest disadvantage of the ongoing shift towards multichannel distribution, what would they be?

Advantage: Rising relevance for customers via multiple touch points. Better customer centricity, higher efficiency and better servicing

Challenge: amendment of Sales steering systems

2. How can the Bancassurance market stay one step ahead of challenges and get prepared for all possible scenarios on the market?

when banks get the mulitple touch points right and act as enabler for a holistic financial view they can stay relevant for customers

3. What is the attitude of Deutsche Bank towards new technology implementation?

mobile first; agile development; be quick and fast; collect data in one central database

4. How would you describe a day in the life of a Head of Product Management?

Busy 😉 ... 1/3 regulation and strategy, 1/3 digitalisation & processes, 1/3 product challenges;

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