Interview with Tatiana Kozhevnikova

Written by: Fleming. Team

1. How would you describe a talented person?

Talented person is someone who is able and willing to deliver results exceeding the normal expectations to the job. The difference between a "regular" and "talented" associate is that the latter is trying to innovate and improve a little bit every day.

2. What do you think is the most useful thing Generation X can learn from Generation Y?

"New" is not necessarily "bad". It is allowed to have fun at work!

3. On which projects are you currently working on?

I am particularly interested in developing educational system (especially the dual education system) in Russian Federation so I act as an expert on that subject for Government of RF and Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

4. What is the most useful advice you could pass on to HR professionals with regard to talent development?

Look at attitude first and at the technical skills afterwards. Skills can be developed but it is very difficult to change the attitude. It makes sense to develop people who are eager to learn, who are mobile and flexible and are interested in new challenges rather than money.