Let's have an eco-ride with the Renault Twizy

Written by: Fleming. Team

This extraordinary- looking car has only two doors, seats only two and boy, it's unlike anything else on the road today.

What is it?

Renault has introduced this zero-emissions compact electric vehicle on the market and named it the Twizy. It's the champion of easy parking, with its unbeatable compact size and turning radius. If you drive, you know how difficult it is to find a free parking slot, especially during mornings and holidays. I am sure that the Twizy will help you to avoid this unnecessary inconvenience. I've found the Twizy's dimensions for you. Please have a look and realize how happy the owners must be!

A Wheelbase 1,686

B Overall length 2,338

C Front overhang 313

D Rear overhang 339

E Front track 1,094

F Rear track 1,080

G Overall width including front mudflaps 1,237

Overall width including rear mudflaps 1,232

Overall width including exterior mirrors / including doors 1,381 / 1, 396

Dimensions drawing (mm)

What are the benefits of owning a Twizy?

Let's be honest here. What's the first criterion when you're looking for a car? It is the price. A Twizy won't cost you an arm and leg, trust me. Next, you, as a smart citizen, will be contributing to the reduction of greenhouse emissions.

You might be wondering if there a catch here. Well, first of all, this car doesn't have an air-conditioning system, which is essential in a tropical county like Malaysia. As I mentioned earlier, the Twizy is 100% electric, which is good, but it is certainly not convenient to charge it. I must say that I'd be happier if it had a solar rooftop. We have so much sun in Kuala Lumpur, why not make use of it?

Last but not least, the Twizy was tested by Top Gear UK. Here are the results:

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