Let's make cities great again

Written by: Fleming. Team

Both kids live in an orphanage house but it is not stopping from dreaming big. With kids like these cities will never stop their development. With kidsike these cities will become smart and safe one day.

August the first will always be a day to remember. The Fleming team together with EcoClub Malaysia visited a Charis House, a place for people left forgotten. The #GiveALittle charity campaign inspired us to dedicate Saturday to those who needed our attention. A tasty dinner was cooked, the house was cleaned and the grass was cut. The educational Green Science Program was presented by KAGC and taught kids how they can recycle and use the resources that nature gives us. All of it was to make the planet greener as well as make their day brighter.


Kevin Chan, manager at Eco Club Malaysia, shares his thoughts about the #GiveALittle campaign:

“I was one of the kids just like these children who were left behind and forced
to grow up at a young age, but it doesn't change the way how I appreciate human connection. I feel grateful and blessed; we are constantly looking for new solutions to help charity houses. How has helping others changed my life? The answer is actually pretty simple. It has certainly provided me with a sense of joy. I looked deep inside trying to find what will make me happy- perhaps I was looking for something that would grant me a sense of satisfaction and most of all give me a sense of purpose.”

Fleming thinks that smart education for children has to be a priority for Smart City development.
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