Major Process Safety Issues at Petrochemical Companies - Interview with Mazyad Al Khaldi (TASNEE)

Written by: Fleming. Team

Mazyad Al Khaldi

Executive Vice President - Petrochemicals


1. What are the current process safety issues still faced by Petrochemical companies?

Petrochemical Companies continue to face traditional issues in Process Safety mainly in

- Improper PSM implementation

- Process design failure

- Manpower Competency

However, with the development and introduction of newer methods and technologies in the industry, the challenges lie in proactively ensuring that competencies, process design and PSM implementation and audits are critically and adequately addressed and executed. In TASNEE, Process Safety is continuously improved by challenge process design through HAZOP, Incident Investigations, and by minimizing human intervention. In addition to improving process design, rigorous and thorough studies are done to update and close identified gaps in manpower competency, proper procedures and documentation in order to achieve process safety excellence.

2. How important is organizational culture to ensure sound process safety management in the workplace?

Organizational Culture is integrally critical in ensuring proper process safety management. This is so because employees actions (and inactions) at different levels in the organization directly influence the implementation of different Process Safety Elements. Therefore, Organization Culture, summarized in individual and group values, attitudes, competencies, and patterns of behavior will determine how effectively Process Safety is being managed. This in turn will have an immediate impact on the ability of the organization towards achieving safety goals, preventing loss to its facilities, and preventing injuries to personnel. Process safety culture can be improved by

- Organization commitment & building trust from all levels in the organization

- Proper PSM implementation.

- Strong implementation of MOC system & HAZOP study.

- Robust audits & performance review system.

3. What are the key factors companies must consider to achieve operational excellence in mitigating process safety risks?

Although standards of operational excellence and process safety are common across industries, organizations have different models and execution strategies to achieve operational excellence while mitigating process safety risks. Process Safety experts are increasingly realizing that evaluating each element of Process Safety individually does not address gaps in applying process safety as a whole. This is why the new direction is to assess process safety systems and process safety cultures collectively to study the interrelationship and codependency between the different elements and identify deficiencies that would otherwise be missed in conventional audits. As such, the key factors that should be considered are:

- Creating an environment in which the key organizational characteristics are strong

- Management visibility and leadership to lead by example which will reinforce the desired safety behaviors

- Implementing robust change management system to control process risk.

- Effective use of both leading and lagging metrics to create accountability and to communicate progress

- Each level being held accountable for appropriate



4. What are the initiatives that TASNEE has undertaken to revamp process safety culture?

TASNEE had established a management system called (IMRS) which includes measurement to maintain and improve the Company performance, TASNEE’s PSM has been incorporated and adapted into IMRS, where there are 18 elements on

- Element 02 : Process & Hazards Analysis.

- Element 08 : Design & Development.

- Element 11 : Maintenance & Reliability.

- Element 12 : Management of Change MOC.

- Element 15 : Incident Management.

- Element 18 : Audit & Review.

all of this elements can formalizing , reinforcing & enhancing process safety culture in TASNEE.


Mazyad Al Khaldi (Executive Vice President - Petrochemicals, TASNEE) will be speaking on Building a Safety Culture in Petrochemical Plants at the 2nd Annual Kingdom Process Safety. To know more, visit the link below:

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