Master the event audience

Written by: Peter Grof Production Director, Fleming.

We wanted to engage our delegates even more, arrange effective interaction and create a crème de la crème atmosphere – and that is why we teamed up with Masters in Moderation .

We have cooperated with MiM on multiple events in different industries. It is hard to name just a few of our best events where MiM succeeded in raising the bar even higher, but these stand out: 5th Annual Compliance & Transparency in the Pharma Industry , 6th Annual Corporate Learning & Corporate Universities Summit, 4th Annual Operational Excellence in Insurance Forum, 8th Annual Insurance Distribution Strategies Forum and we have set out to cooperate on even more events in 2017 and beyond.

Why are they a great choice?
- they helped us find the best moderator and always bear in mind the required skills, personality, type of meeting and relevance to the topic
- event engagement elevated beyond our expectations
- we gathered useful outcomes from engaging discussions

I myself as a production director have personally witnessed the work of MiM's chief, Jan-Jaap In der Maur, who managed to create a fantastic atmosphere at our 4th Annual Operational Excellence in Insurance Forum. It goes without saying that he did a great job delivering event management basics like time management and speaker introductions without hesitation. But what truly stood out was how he worked with the crowd. The level of interactivity skyrocketed; people were engaged more than ever, discussions reached the level of being almost unstoppable. To make things fun and thrilling for us, the organizer, Jan-Jaap In der Maur made a bet with the audience – at the end of the event, we would measure the satisfaction rate of our delegates. Should we get less than 75%, we would give a free pass to one lucky winner for next year. Thanks to Jan-Jaap In der Maur's unique, friendly and engaging moderation, our delegates were more than happy to contribute in the rating.

On another note: investing in a professional moderator can be tricky when measuring ROI. You cannot really evaluate the impact of a moderator on your event before the event, and it is quite hard to do so afterwards too. Therefore, throughout our long-lasting partnership, we have decided to measure this based on year-on-year attendance and satisfaction rates, using the same moderator, another highly skilled and engaging member of MiM's team, Kim Coppes. Again, it is very hard to measure the ROI of such an investment, but I can happily say our attendance rate has increased and so have the satisfaction rates! This is why we value our partnership with MiM greatly.