As the 6th Annual Operational Excellence in Insurance conference is slowly getting closer we asked our speakers Paolo Porrati, Selim Cavanagh and Georg Kordges on their opinion about new technology in Operational Excellence.

What does new technology mean for Operational Excellence?

  • Paolo Porrati
  • Head of Customer Service
  • Generali Global Corporate & Commercial, Italy

In the current world of Corporate Insurance, the term "Operational Excellence" is increasingly becoming a synonym for "Customer Centricity". The sector is in fact moving away more and more from simple expectations of service efficiency, now considered as real commodities for which the customer, be it Company or Broker, is not willing anymore to recognize an added value that justifies an extra-fee . On the other hand, a proactive operational approach is increasingly sought, which seeks collaboration in order to identify IT or process solutions whose benefits are quantitatively measurable in cost savings for the Broker and the Customer. Typical example in this sense is the ability to connect accounting infrastructures in order to speed up and simplify the laborious and expensive collection processes between Insurance Companies and Brokers.

  • Selim Cavanagh
  • CEO
  • Ingenie, United Kingdom

The most important component of business growth. Data analytics and AI are crucial to underpin operational excellence with the end result of outperforming peers.

  • Georg Kordges
  • Senior Vice-President Attorney & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Arag, Germany

Very soon, the application of contemporary technology will
no longer be just a question of operational excellence but purely be essential for survival.

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