Our tips for powerful speeches

Together with the world’s leading presentation coaching company, Oratorio of Washington DC, Fleming. brings you a few tips to make your presentations and speeches professional, impactful and unique.


TIPS from ORATORIO University

Distinguish yourself from predictable, conventional presenters by starting with a powerful opening

Launch right into a story, display a beautiful visual, deliver an unexpected quote – all of these devices are so much better than the typical and boring “Hello, thank you for having me, it’s great to be here in Abu Dhabi today, etc.” Hit the ground running and seize the audience’s attention right from the start. The audience will appreciate the fact that you made an effort to deliver compelling and meaningful content.

Practice out loud, multiple times after you have created your content

This is the #1 way to conquer stage fright and boost your self-confidence. We know that you are busy and it’s difficult to find time to practice in light of all of your other commitments and responsibilities, but trust us on this: you will feel better and you will deliver a stronger performance when the material becomes second-nature to you – and the only way to achieve this is to practice out loud.
By the way, the powerful opening we mentioned in Point #1 will also boost your mood; if you know you’re starting strongly, you will feel more self-confident.

While it’s essential to prepare strong spoken and visual content for your presentation, you also need to prepare yourself physically before speaking

Stretch your arms and legs. Warm up your voice beforehand by saying Ahhhhhhh five times. Inhale to a count of four and then exhale to a count of eight – do this ten times. Drink room temperature water beforehand and keep water handy during the presentation.



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You can also try the famous “power poses” outlined by Dr. Amy Cuddy in her TED Talk, which now has been seen by more than 30 million people


If you hold your arms above your head for two solid minutes before speaking, Cuddy’s research indicates that public speaking fears are minimized