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Parking on solar panels? What a bright idea!

Writen by: Fleming. Team

This is a real transportation boom. Not to rain on this parade, but it does come with negatives.
It will increase costs, energy consumption and GHG emissions as well as change the landscape.

The shift to sustainable solutions is inevitable. That is why Belectric and Sun & Life have built the largest solar power plant in Saudi Arabia to date in Dhahran. 4,500 parking spaces are covered with 120,000 CIS (Copper Indium Selenide) photovoltaic modules. This large-scale power plant is producing electricity and feeding it into the public grid. In 2015, Bloomberg ranked Belectric as the top non-US-based Solar O&M Service Provider, and that speaks for itself.

Other projects from all around the world worth mentioning when talking about parking solutions are:
ParkiFi – A real-time parking spot platform. Through the use of sensors to collect data that are stored in the cloud, users can find free parking spots easier.
Google Flow – By using hotspots and Google maps, users should be able to locate available spots.
and many more solar solutions like the one in Dhahran.

Smark (aka smart park) your way to the future.