Pharma.Aero: Driving improvements through industrywide programs

Written by: Fleming. Team

Pharma.Aero is an independent association comprised mostly of members from airport communities and pharmaceutical shippers.

Learn more about Pharma.Aero from this interview with Nathan De Valck, Chairman of Pharma.Aero.

Can you introduce to us Pharma.Aero?

It is an exclusive and independent membership-driven association comprised of members from airport communities, pharmaceutical shippers and other cargo logistics stakeholders from all around the world.

What are Pharma.Aero’s vision and mission?

Our vision is to achieve reliable end-to-end air transport for pharmaceutical cargo. As for our mission, it is to foster collaboration between CEIV pharma-certified airport communities dedicated to developing and leading when it comes to handling pharmaceuticals.

How will Pharma.Aero accomplish this?

We will focus on concrete and tangible projects and content creation. The organization will foster route certification/development of pharmaceutical trade lanes. Its members will help connect the dots (markets) for pharma shipment with other partners that are committed to CEIV and dedicated to properly handling pharma.

Members will share market knowledge and expertise, and implement best practices with all supply chain partners (end-to-end). The association will help organize events, projects, workshops and local and regional pharma shippers forums that connect CEIV airport communities to the end customer: the pharma manufacturer

Through collaboration among all pharma stakeholders, excellence in reliable end-to-end transportation for pharma shippers and patients can be achieved.

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Which pharma shippers are actively involved?

Johnson & Johnson is a strategic member with a seat on the board of directors. Further membership discussions with other pharma shippers are ongoing, of which MSD, Pfizer and UCB have already signed endorsement letters.

The active involvement of pharma shippers is key to the objectives of Pharma.Aero. The association has received endorsement letters from several major pharmaceutical shippers who welcome the initiative and will give their guidance and active support in the projects and events organized by the association.

Who stands behind the launch of Pharma.Aero and who belongs among its initial members?

Our founding members are Brussels Airport and Miami International Airport. Our strategic launching members are Singapore Changi Airport, and Sharjah International Airport.

Also, our additional launching members are Brussels Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Brinks Life Sciences.

Pharma.Aero welcomes airport communities, airline carriers, logistics companies and other pharmaceutical stakeholders, including shippers, to become members.