Preview of the article by Professor Andrew Sharman – …And THAT’S what gets results! (Here’s HOW)

by Fleming. Team

Traditionally, when it comes to workplace safety, we focus on the what – the processes, systems and activities, the audits, investigations and inspections, the reviews, checks and balances.

However, we need to start with why.

In mid-2016, the HOW Report set out it’s manifesto for rethinking the source of resiliency, innovation and growth – it’s a brilliant piece of work. The report begins with an apparently simple proposition – that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to align employees to deliver against the progressively complex and challenging objectives they are given.

It argues that these objectives are presented to workers due to the growing challenge faced by business leaders – not simply to manage organizations and employees, but also to worry about the state of the economy and the society which envelopes their organization as they lurch towards an ever-uncertain future.

But how isn’t just a question, it’s the answer too. We’ve evolved through the stone age, the industrial age, the age of technology, and we’re now in the age of uncertainty. To be precise, we’re in the Era of Behaviour.

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Andrew Sharman

Andrew Sharman

Chief Executive, RMS and Professor

European Centre for Executive Development