Rula Kanaan Korban of Amrop on the future of talent management in Saudi Arabia

Written by: Fleming. Team

How is Amrop navigating in the challenging skilled talent terrain in the KSA?

To achieve Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing an unprecedented economic transformation that is moving it from being an oil dependent country to a more diversified economy. As such governing and steering bodies need to assure the right leadership is in place at this critical time. Through offering context driven search and leadership assessment solutions Amrop has been able to quickly and successfully respond to the Saudi market changing needs. Our Executive Search process in Saudi Arabia has been developed over 20 years of direct experience covering the Saudi market and utilizing world class best practices. Establishing a dedicated office in Jeddah in 2013 has brought us closer to our clients and the market in Saudi and as such has enabled us to provide more responsive solutions in content and timing of delivery. Being part of the Saudi community, we live our client’s challenges on daily basis and use this experience to refine our services to successfully meet their specific needs.

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Do you at Amrop employ any innovative technology or concept to assist with talent search and management?

Amrop’s mission is to help organizations “Shaping sustainable success through inspiring leaders” and we do this by being agile, inclusive, innovative, focused on excellence with a high measure of ethics and caring. While we hold tight to the principles of conducting fresh, direct and comprehensive research every time we start a new project, we continuously investigate and apply innovative technology and process improvement to assure the most effective, accurate and secure product. In addition to using the latest technology (e.g cloud services, mobile applications, client interface portals) our associates are trained and certified in the latest internet search techniques.

How do you see the role of the HR function evolving in the next couple of years in KSA?

Saudi Arabia’s ambitions as articulated in Vision 2030 are deeply entrenched in change - a structural change in the basic ways the Saudi market functions. The role of the Human Resources professionals in Saudi Arabia is highly critical to the success of the Vision, especially in the next couple of years. Evidently, the HR community should take progressive steps to shape leadership and facilitate change in these murky times starting with themselves. The New Era effective HR function will take a more pivotal role within organizations effecting structural change while guiding people through the required interpersonal behaviors that accompany transition.

How would you advise a client looking to develop leadership within their employee pool?

No doubt, the real “War for Best Talent” is now upon us in Saudi Arabia and organizations, more than ever before, need to take a serious look inwardly to assess their ability to develop and retain their future leaders.

To begin with, the organization must have clarity in its mission and vision with defined goals and a reliable performance measurement system. Next, my advice would be to conduct a structured, comprehensive and objective evaluation of the existing talent competencies and future potential. Such an assessment will provide the organization with critical intelligence about who is ready to lead today and what it will take to have others ready to lead the organization tomorrow as well as identify existing gaps. Furthermore, the results of this leadership assessment will significantly contribute towards developing a succession and leadership development plan. Additionally, I would advise taking a critical look at the Board composition to assure the presences of a proper framework that boards can use in the ongoing evaluation of the CEO and leadership succession strategy.

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