Running a Bank Vs Developing a Bank – Shaping up Digital Banking/Investing to Improve Branch Experience

Written by: Fleming. Team

Hisham Hammoud

Executive Vice President, Chief Business Officer

Ajman Bank

“Larger financial institutions are already closing some branches as foot traffic decreases. They have started developing branches of the future, which will be very different than what we experience today.

These branches will be multi-channel and multi-device environments with digital signage and recognition techniques across all customer interfaces. You can video conference with a teller or use a cash dispensing machine to get different denominations of bills after ID verification.

It likely will be some time before these take over the traditional branch, but that’s the direction banking is going.”

Innovation which is considered to be an essential requirement for the sustainable development of the Islamic Banking, has been amongst the top few items on the agenda for most international financial institutions. Islamic banking is becoming accepted as a significant part of the global banking sector and as one of the means to increase financial inclusion using an alternative philosophy.

As Islamic finance increasingly becomes an institutionalized part of the world’s capital markets, Islamic banks stands to reap the rewards and Islamic banking assets have the potential to expand rapidly.

As the industry matures it’s not only being attractive solely because of its values - adherence to Shariah principles –but also being competitive with and against other Islamic banks and conventional banks from a customer service perspective.

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