The Digital Transformation Arena

Written by: Fleming. Team

Tariq Madani

Assistant Vice President – Echannels

Sharjah Islamic Bank

Millions of dollars are saved annually through digital implementations at organizations worldwide. This known fact is dynamically adopted through thinkers and leaders by investing in digital technology and transformation to cause disruption.

The arena of digital transformation is vast and competitive. Among banks, this is being overtaken by mobility and social interference as key to the current and near future customer interactions. Unfortunately, for a fact, there are Islamic banks that are not participating and are non-existent in this playground. The leaders of banks should ensure that innovation and customer experience are built into the strategy and objectives of the bank for survival and to increase market share.

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One of the key discussion points at the 8th WIRBC will focus on ‘Reigniting Innovation’ through digital transformation and steering Islamic banks into the right direction through technological strategies. To know more about the conference, click on the link below:

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