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The seismic shift in the rise of Non-Traditional Security Threats

Written by: Fleming. Team

Britain's exit from the European Union is creating a domino effect not only on the economy scale or the immigration policy, but according to Thomas Withington, editor from Asian Military Review, “Brexit can be seen as potential risks to global peace, security and prosperity”. The question worth asking is, how will any shift or stir shape up the security of each nation especially in a world of dramatically expanding interactions through travel and trade?

Increasingly, conflict and instability are being generated in Asia Pacific by non-traditional or human security challenges. Increasing globalization and technological change are magnifying the potential security-related impact of many of these failures. The rise of Non-Traditional Security issues present new challenges for developing a regional security architecture — What traditional and non-traditional issues can be considered true security issues? Does the state remain the exclusive actor of international politics? Does individual security derive from national security? How can the military adapt to non-traditional security issues?

Such questions present serious obstacles to establishing a formal security architecture in Asia.

Get experts insights on trends and forecast of non-traditional security threats at the IACSP ASEAN Security Symposium & Awards. The conference will be held on 6th and 7th September 2016 in Kuala Lumpur. Organized by the IACSP, co-organized by Fleming, this two-day event, is set to bring together more than 20 expert speakers from across the globe on one platform.

IACSP ASEAN Security Symposium & Awards will bring forth nominations from deserving security agencies in ASEAN countries such as China, Japan, Korea and India. This event will also pay tribute to and present the special award in honor of Superintendent Ibrahim Lebar of the Royal Malaysian Police and Private Ahmad Hurairah Bin Ismail of the Malaysian Army who sacrificed their lives for Malaysia during the Sabah insurgency of the terrorist attacks in 2013.

This first ever IACSP Security Awards and Gala Dinner in the ASEAN Region will mark the first launching of the Certified Anti-Terrorism Practitioner (CATP). Together, the event will also present the very first launch of ASEAN Counter Terrorism Network spearheaded by the International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals-Centre for Security Studies, Counter Terrorism Security and Research Foundation.