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The Trend That Is Revolutionizing The Healthcare Industry

Written by: Fleming. Team

“Coach Fitch, I have my son’s inhaler in his bag in case he has an asthma attack.” Over his 20 years of experience as a basketball coach, this has become a common statement Scott Fitch hears from parents.

“I had the privilege to coach a young man that was a very talented basketball player. The problem was I could only play him about 4 minutes at a time and then he would have to come out of the game to catch his breath. We finally figured out that he was having a tough time controlling his asthma. With lots of training, by his senior year, he was able to play a whole game which allowed him to be recognized and eventually receive a scholarship.”

As a health professional, you have probably heard or seen so many similar stories like the one above. Today, what could have helped other young athletes like Coach Fitch was training is an innovative Smart medical device called ADAMM.

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