Written by: Fleming. Team

What's an unconference?
It is a break from the traditional conference format with no defined presentations and no speakers; only several gathering point where you can meet your peers and discuss the topics that matter the most to you.

So, who exactly speaks?
Well, we're not really fond of passive listening at Fleming., for the best ideas and true innovation spring from dialogue. It is YOUR time to talk; you have the experience and the background – you are the speaker!

Isn't this chaos?
Not at all. As professionals, we understand we are here for something we'll take away, back to our offices. Here are some tips to follow for the most rewarding experience:

1. Set goals: At the beginning of each interaction, decide the topic, initial ideas, and do not forget to set a goal to be achieved during the session.

2. Pick an interesting format: At each gathering point, you'll find several ideas for discussion format; take a minute to choose the most suitable.

3. Don't lose the thread: Watch out not to deviate from the topic; in case some other really important topic comes up, write it down for the next session after the current goal is achieved.

4. The two feet (or wheels) rule: I love this one! If at any point you find 2x Unconferenceyourself not contributing or learning, it's time to use your two feet or roll those wheels and find yourself a more productive conversation.

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