Unveiling the 9th PPM Conference

Written by: Fleming. Team

We have worked with the top 100 Pharma and Biotech firms on various projects over the last decade and I am excited to unveil the 9th PPM Conference, Philadelphia, March 09-10, 2016.

North America Life Science

9th Project and Portfolio Management Conference for Pharma and Biotech - East

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Before writing the program of the 9th PPM Conference, I read about the PPM events happening in the USA, and I noticed that none of our competitors were providing a strategic view to the participants; hence, I decided to introduce a CEO Panel discussion, the very first in the PPM events landscape!

The CEO Panel enables participants to engage in discussions directly with CEOs from the Pharma and Biotech sectors to understand what they could do better, hear the CEOs' answers to the question of is it the right time for Biotech buyouts?” Further, as I understood and probed further about the strategic PPM role, I built the conference around case studies and points of view. As you see through Day 1, we shall understand how to Connect Development Strategy to Both Budget and Operations. Sylke Poehling, who leads the pRED Strategy and Portfolio department at F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, will demystify how to manage a portfolio of combinations and strengthen balance in a portfolio of combinations. Usman Iqbal, as part of both R&D and Med Affairs in different roles at AstraZeneca, has been responsible for Portfolio Prioritizations, Integrated Medical Affairs Planning and End-to-End Evidence Generation based on Stakeholder engagement (Patient, Provider, Payer), Market insights and Relative Medical Value Assessment Platforms. He will present deep insights into Leveraging Patient Centricity and Big Data to Prioritize Portfolio Development & Decision Making. Mike Shires from Baxalta will be presenting his point of view through Real-Life Lessons & Applications as well as by reviewing a Multi-Year Journey.

Day 2 is just as exciting! Andrea Kho from Abbvie will question whether we have missed the mark and how to be prepared for the dynamic future. She is a 20-year veteran of the company, where she’s held several roles in Portfolio and Project Management across multiple therapeutic areas such as Renal, Infectious Disease and Neonatology. How good is your decision making as a PPM manager? Strategies for Good Decision Making and how to structure the decision-making process shall be covered by Sonia Bujas from Pfizer. Sonia Bujas is the Senior Director and Team Leader for the Portfolio Group in the Portfolio & Decision Analysis (PDA) group at Pfizer. As part of her responsibilities, she oversees end-to-end portfolio strategy; analysis and prioritization for both innovative and established portfolios; R&D benchmarking and metrics; as well as portfolio systems and portfolio decision-making, including incentives.

The speakers, who are practitioners themselves, are industry leaders in their respective fields and experts in portfolio and project management; leadership; and innovation to inspire and expand your horizons. Our team extends a warm welcome to you: let's learn, debate, ignite and inspire through knowledge sharing!