Content Series:

What are the new trends and what is the future for Business Continuity Planning? Can it be called a “timeless topic”?

  • Simon Earl
  • Trainer
  • IT Security Consultancy, United Kingdom

When I trained this course in Angola, Johannesburg and other places in Africa, it was during the peak of the 2014 Ebola outbreak and the section on pandemics was of great interest to the students as they had not factored pandemics into many of their existing BCP strategies.

Likewise with cyber security strategies for BCP, topics like high availability, 99.99% uptime and other areas on ensuring high performance raise issues such as infection of ransomware breaking out in their organization – would it take down their entire high-availability infrastructure due to lack of patching, vulnerability management and other protection mechanisms failing?

The whole BCP topic is a timeless topic in my opinion as it is ever-changing and needs constant updating and improvement.

One of the key themes that I establish during the course is the need for “continuous improvement.” I go into deep detail about the strategies for testing BCP plans, including tabletop exercises through to the complete development, implementation and testing of complete DR/BCP and failover strategies.

I also drill into the students the need to “start small and then expand the scope” of each BCP project before finally building them into the master BCP plan.