Why is it vital to engage your employees?

Written by: Fleming. Team

1. What do you personally think is the best way to increase employee productivity?

There are no perfect processes and there is nothing like maximum productivity. If the teams work constantly on Continuous Improvement – issues are raised and taken care of regularly – and support of leader and in many cases business systems analysts is guaranteed, then efficiency will improve and frustration will be minimized.

2. Each person is different – how do you make a compromise between the different strategies to raise productivity so everybody is motivated in a way he needs?

Everyone feels better in some fields and worse in others – that is why it is so important to adjust the duties to individual skills and abilities in order to guarantee maximum output. Listening to what the employees say is the key to proper teamwork organization.

3. Have you ever encountered an employee who was non-responsive to your efforts? How did you (or would you) approach this kind of situation?

It is really important to find out the motivation factors for all individuals. In a case where we try and do not succeed, it means we still haven't discovered the needs of the particular employee. There are exceptions where our search might not be successful, but as long as we see the chance – this is the way to go.

4. When trying to boost productivity, what should companies avoid doing?

The common mistake is setting ambitious targets and letting the processes flow without seeing if their design is correct. These two aspects should be connected and only then are we able to boost employee motivation through engagement in decision making relating to process optimization. Productivity will improve as an additional effect.

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