Why Should We Invest in AI?

by Fleming. Team

When surveyed whether chatbots should tolerate abuse or bad language a surprising 34% said no. Chatbots can't get hurt ‘feelings’, so why should a financial institution care about the tone used with their chatbots?


Through chatbots, banks have an opportunity to better understand customer personality to influence the terms and conditions of their business relationship. Customers can even be credit-scored based on psychometric analysis of chatbot interactions. IBM Watson can deduce personality  with impressive accuracy based on copying and pasting some email text.

MEPs have even voted to propose granting legal status to robots, warning that new legislation is needed to hold robots responsible for their acts or omissions.

On the other hand, we are now experiencing “the death of Moore's Law”. The continual cramming of more silicon transistors onto chips, known as Moore’s Law, has allowed exponential innovation in computing. But Intel has put the brakes on and said such reduction may only last another five years. As mobile processing power is behind other areas, it has a generation or two leeway, but AI will look for alternate ways to develop. HP is already working on a possible answer to this problem with its “The Machine”, which uses a system of lasers that fit inside fingertip-size computer chips and a completely new kind of operating system.

Regardless of technology's future, we are assured that smartphone technology has a while to catch up, and so the customer-based 360 degree view has a guaranteed potential.

In addition, when using Predictive Analytics to project what will happen, existing data is the guide for predictive machine learning (ML) models, so Analytics and AI are completely intertwined.

Megabyte processors seemed enormous in the kilobyte microprocessor age, but advances had to be made to accommodate the needs of the consumer and marketplace. Doubtless now that AI has found its niche, its huge developments will drive changes in technology.

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