Why to attend, according to BNP Paribas Director

Written by: Fleming. Team


Patrick Aylwin
Director, ALM Treasury HO, Advisory Tax & Legal
BNP Paribas

What made you decide to take part in the 3rd Annual Funds Transfer Pricing conference?

Liquidity – in particular its availability and cost, has become a key strategic element in the development of banking groups since the advent of the on-going crises (plural) which started in mid-2007. Notwithstanding the current regulatory changes to address this issue (LCR, NSFR etc.) and ensure that banking groups can meet their obligations to markets and customers – thus protect also tax-payers pockets, FTP has also become key to avoiding many pitfalls.

FTP is not just a tax issue of arm’s length pricing, but also the ability of banking groups to reprice volatile liquidity costs in a timely way through better FTP ability, and thus assure better profitability and harmonious development.

For some time I had been looking for a Conference event which could encompass these main issues – liquidity and FTP, as well as their problematics, and give me the opportunity to feel the pulse of my profession and to benchmark our own in-house initiatives.

I receive solicitations nearly daily of up-coming events and – with deeper reading, have adopted the biblical approach to solicitations of “Many are called, but few are chosen”.

So why the 3rd Annual Funds Transfer Pricing conference?

In a nutshell, it was “focused”.

Firstly, I saw that its program was addressed – intelligently and comprehensively, to the ALM Treasury community at large, the primary actor in these subjects.

Secondly, I saw that it reached out – though the advertised panel of speakers, fairly comprehensively to the global ALM Treasury village: Emerging Markets & Developed Markets countries, the “big” players as well as the “niche” players.

Lastly, it appeared to aim to foster real dialogue between the speakers and audience, by organizing round tables and breakout sessions.

So I am really looking forward to two days of intensive focus.

What are the topics you are most interested in hearing about?

All of the topics interest me, but three perhaps in particular:

· The challenge of the low and negative rate environment to our FTP policy;

· The impact of the LCR and NSFR on FTP policy;

· To foster the right behaviours through the FTP policy.

Which conference activities are you looking forward to engaging in the most?

The networking and the roundtables.

When at a conference, do you prefer more focused discussions (with particular "rules"), or a more relaxed environment where industry peers can discuss whichever topics they want? Why?

Perhaps because I am a British-educated Frenchman, I would say that I prefer both.

As a Frenchman, I enjoy a relaxed environment with my peers and their experts, as it best suits my need to cover as much ground as possible, and though this inter-reaction to learn better and more. The pitfall is that often you need more than two days.

My British education has taught me that with such a dense conference programme, time-keeping will be vital, to be sure that each speaker is heard out completely on all the messages that he wants to convey.


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