Wind of change

Written by: Fleming. Team

In terms of land use, those 3,995,434 turbines would take up about half the size of Alaska if they were spaced close together, Sawyer says. If the turbines were spaced farther apart, 3.9 million turbines would use a land mass that's a little smaller than Spain. (1)

We know about the benefits of wind power: they are cleaner source of energy than fossil fuels, they are more durable and dependable, they do not produce greenhouse gases, they are more cost-effective and they create jobs.

But what are the main hazards that wind energy workers face? (2)

1. Falls
2. Confined spaces
3. Fires
4. Lockout/tagout
5. Medical and first aid
6. Crane, Derrick and Hoist Safety
7. Electrical
8. Machine Guarding
9. Respiratory protection

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