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7th Annual

Asia Islamic Banking and Takaful Conference

AIBTC Innovations Awards

Annual CEO Roundtable and Fatwa Session

Key topic

Expert analysis: Islamic finance roadmap for asia

Are Islamic banks well positioned to survive in an era of low oil prices?

How can Islamic finance adapt to the Fintech revolution?

How takaful operators can rise to the challenge of digital disruption and max- imize through it?

Prestigious speakers

Takeaways and special features

Analysing the progress of the Islamic banking and takaful sector in terms of product innovations, infrastructure and institutional development, regulatory advancement

IFRS 9: adapting to new international book-keeping rules due to come into force in 2018

Impact of ASEAN regional integration through greater financial integration thus boosting cross border transactions

Case study: developing the Islamic capital market from the perspective of benefits, policy and legal frameworks

Risk management and governance in takaful

How well are the IBs in the region prepared to deal with disruptions in the banking industry due to financial technology, or FinTech?

Facts from last year

  • 40+
  • Speakers
  • Regional
  • Case Studies
  • CTO
  • Power Table
  • Parallel
  • Takaful Stream


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