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  • Nameer Khan
  • Mentor | Financial Services Disruptor | Digital Strategist
  • NA, United Arab Emirates

Mr. Nameer Khan is a dynamic young talent in the insurance industry with a diversified experience in various industries of Information Technology, Media, Logistics. Being a new bee in the Insurance sector he has evidently succeeded in shaking up the stigma associated to the insurance sector “dearth of young insurance leaders”.
In his current role at Pak Qatar Takaful Group (Pioneer of Takaful in Pakistan) - Nameer is responsible for providing strategic insights and direction for the company by closely working with the top management to establish long term goals and devise marketing strategies. While being in constant coordination with major Islamic banks in Pakistan, he has successfully pioneered an entirely new concept of Corporate Bancassurance including a range of corporate insurance products - which never existed in Pakistan. These products are aimed at increasing insurance penetration rate and harnessing the key channels of the banks.

Critical to this success lies in his strategic thinking through which he has managed to introduced key analytics and data orientation to the insurance sector - that aims at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of decisions in the insurance sector of Pakistan. Moreover, Nameer has been successfully shortlisted for (program) at Harvard Business School’s Class of 2017 but at present is closely working with HBS’s case research group on developing case studies on the Islamic Finance.