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  • Michele Rinaldi
  • General Director
  • Global Assicurazioni, Italy

Michele Rinaldi University: L. Bocconi, Milan Family: married, 5 children Biography: 1988 After graduating from Bocconi in Economics I worked as a Broker for Lloyd’s in London. 1989 Later I moved to a RAS agency in Genoa continuing to develop business in the insurance field. 1990-2009 I jointly founded Global Assistance Spa an Insurance Company specializing in Assistance, Property and Casualties and Personal coverage. I run this company until 2009. In 1999 Global Assistance partnered with Credito Valtellinese, one of Italy’s leading commercial banks to exploit synergies between our offerings and client bases. 1999 to now In 1999 I was approached by Credito Valtellinese to develop bancassurance field through its network. This created a new company, Global Assicurazioni Spa, which acts as an insurance agency, which aim is to develop wide and lasting relationship between both major Insurance Companies, the bank (Credito Valtellinese) and its customers. Global Assicurazioni is a new, innovative and successful bancassurance model that I have been running since then. Over this 16 year’s period I’ve grown Global Assicurazioni into the biggest insurance agency in Italy. I enjoy running the business and look forward to many years of growth ahead. 2010-2015 I have participated in the “Comitato di Direzione di Governance” of Credito Valtellinese Group, that makes strategic decisions coordinating and building value for the entire group and currently I'm member of Management Committee of the Credito Valtellinese Group. In 2010 in order to address Corporate client’s insurance needs, we created the third company, Global Broker Spa, with the same shareholders as the other two companies.