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  • Carl Weatherell
  • Executive Director and CEO
  • The Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC)

Carl Weatherell joined the Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC) on March 1, 2013. Carl is a change agent known for challenging the status quo, discovering new ways of doing things and taking ideas to execution. He is a natural connector often bringing together disparate and seemingly unrelated people, groups and organizations to create new partnerships. Carl has been described as a rebel and a heretic. He has over 27 years’ experience working at the interface of business, government and postsecondary institutions nationally and internationally. Carl has helped position organizations for success and has established, managed or facilitated the development of strategies with a number of organizations and over 13 different consortia comprised of 200 businesses, 30 government organizations and at least 180 different academic institutions. Carl obtained graduate and undergraduate degrees in chemistry from Carleton University and the University ofWaterloo respectively. He holds one patent and has publications in five different technical domains: hydrometallurgical engineering, organometallic chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental engineering and project management. Carl's involvement in the mining industry includes over 15 years in research and research management at Natural Resources Canada including six consortia.