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  • Carlos Carmona Acosta
  • Executive Director of Technologies for The Mining Industry
  • Interop – FCH

Carlos Carmona, Mining Engineer, University of Chile, with several certifications as an expert in technology applied to mining. He has more than 30 years of profession, started his career in mining companies and prestigious institutions: Codelco-Chile, Cochilco and Disputada de Las Condes Mining Company at the El Soldado and Los Bronces mines (formerly Exxon Mobil, currently Anglo American), in the areas of mine operations, mine engineering, process management control, mine planning, mine budget preparation, and evaluation -execution of mining projects. The year 2001 he moves to world of technological services for mining, to be part of the starting globalization processes of mining services companies from Chile to the rest of the world, developing and leading technological projects for mining in Latin America as well as in Australia and South Africa becoming General Manager of Modular Mining Systems for Latin America, General Manager & Sales for South America in Trimble Navigation Ltda. and General Manager of MI Robotic Solutions Company created by Codelco (MIRS SA Chile).

He is currently Vice-president of the Institute of Mining Engineers of Chile (IIMCH), Mining Technology Advisor in the CCTVal Directorate of the UTFSM, and Senior Consultant of Innovation and Technology Transfer in the Corporate Management of New Businesses and Innovation (GCNI) and the Vice Presidency of North Operations (VON) of CODELCO Chile Headquarters, Professor in Mining and Natural Resources Department of Universidad Centra and Executive Director of the Interoperability Program in Fundación Chile.