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  • Dr. Carlo Chalhoub
  • Founder & CEO
  • Chalhoub Consutancy

Dr. Carlo Chalhoub vision in creating a boutique consultancy firm that offers ethical and sound solutions to clients in a partnership type of a relationship where clients financial capabilities are taken into consideration without compromising on the services offered was formed through a long and challenging decade of being in the financial sector, mainly in the private banking, of major banking and financial institutions. 

The slew in ethics by financial institutions reflected by their staff unethical behavior was one of the early signs to push for a change, his prediction on the non-compliance approach to regulations and ethics in the financial sector was confirmed in the 2008 crisis which made him determined to create Chalhoub consultancy. 

Pushing his educational status to the highest level by committing to a 5 years intensive PhD program at Claremont Graduate University in Los Angeles where is acquired a PhD in Economics and in Political Science paved the way for the vision to materialize in Chalhoub Consultancy. 

Dr. Chalhoub has since 2011 expended and shared his vision all over the planet, from the USA, to Europe, to Africa, to Australia, to the MEA region, to South East Asia, Chalhoub consultancy has see a growing clientele base and its consultancy projects impact on several sectors is well felt specially in Africa his market of choice due to his studies, research and dissertation entitled “Compliance in the African Financial Institutions” a first of a kind research done in 2012 where compliance was not only an under-researched topic but very few scholars and professionals have seen its paramount value in reshaping world economies.