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  • Chris Novak
  • CEO
  • Centric Mining Systems

Chris Novak has gotten to know the mining industry well over the past 35 years. He began his career as a surveyor in both exploration and mining operations surveying in Northern Ontario and has since worked at mine sites around the world in a variety of roles.

After being challenged countless times to complete what should have been simple technical tasks, he recognized that the mining industry needed transformation, and began developing new solutions to make his job more efficient.

Self-taught in software design, Chris created custom software solutions for the mining companies he worked for, with a focus on enterprise data management, KPI analysis, and metals reconciliation.

He was one of the early trailblazers of the ‘digital mine’ movement, with an intense entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

“The reality is that the ‘Digital Mine’ is nothing new. The mining industry has been collecting vast quantities of data from various technologies for more than 20 years. However, we underinvest in the tools that translate this data into accessible, broad-base knowledge that could fundamentally impact NPV. Instead we ask the same old questions and react with the same old answers in the same old way. Until we accept that the Digital Mine is a culture transformation, there will be no real change.”

In 2000, Chris founded the company that would become Centric Mining Systems: a software and technology company dedicated to transforming the mining industry.

He does not shy away from taking an honest approach with the industry and has been known to use the word ‘challenging’ when describing the climate around data management in mining.

Although his concepts were not always accepted due to their disruptive nature, he persevered and has grown Centric Mining Systems from a small consultancy firm to a software company with global brand recognition.