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Bild Michael Cyrus

Michael Cyrus

Head Short Term Products, Equity Finance & FX

DekaBank. Germany



Michael Cyrus is Head of Collateral Trading and FX at Deka Bank. Collateral Trading at Deka Bank encompasses Fixed Income Repo, Securities Lending, Equity Finance, Structured Collateralised Solutions, and FX. He joined DekaBank from RBS London, where he was global Co-Head of Short Term Markets and Financing responsible for Repo, collateralised Funding, FX and Interest Rate Prime and ETD. Before RBS, Michael was Head of Credit Financing and Collateral Trading (CFCT) at Dresdner Bank in London focusing on Emerging Market Repo, Equity Finance, Tri-Party Repo and synthetic financing in fixed income and credit markets. He started his career at Dresdner Bank in Frankfurt as a Business Manager. Michael has a wealth of experience in the short term money-, repo- and securities lending and financing markets as well as in treasury operations. He holds a degree in economics from the University of Hamburg.