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Oliver Deutscher

Oliver Deutscher

Head of Money Market, Repo and Collateral Trading Vice President/ Group Treasury


Starting in Fixed Income/ Capital Markets Trading in 1998, Oliver joined the Treasury department at DZ BANK end of 2000. As project and then collateral asset manager, he was responsible for implementing the collateral management processes, strategies and the collateral trading desk within DZ BANK AG Frankfurt. In 2007 collateral asset management and trading activities were integrated into Treasury’s division of liquidity management & money market trading where Oliver became Head of Collateral, GC Repo and Liquidity Trading. Since 2010, he is Head of Repo, Money Market and Collateral Trading and responsible for extending DZ BANK AG strategy for short term liquidity management,
collateral, repo/security financing and money market activities. That includes new product and process developments in secured funding and financing activities, covering strategic and regulatory developments as e.g.: T2S/ ECMS, Central Bank accesses, management of minimum reserve requirements, ECB/ Bundesbank/ Central Banks open market operations, balance sheet management, funds transfer pricing, managing liquidity & regulatory liquidity risk ratios (i.e.:LCR) for DZ BANK AG (incl.DZ Group) treasury activities.

Since July 1st 2017, Oliver covers the mandate for short term unsecured and secured money market and fixed income repo trading activities within Group Treasury/ DZ BANK AG Frankfurt a.M.

Oliver is a member in several national and international working groups as e.g.:
- ECB’s MMCG/ Money Market Contact Group (as deputy to DZ BANK’s CoHead of Group Treasury)
- VOEB Services Ad hoc Working Committee Repo and Sec.Lending
- ECB’s CMH-TF Collateral Management Harmonistation Task Force
- Bundesbank’s and German Banking Community (DK,VOEB, BVR, BdB, VdP) Dialog on Money Market issues.

Oliver holds a Master Degree (Dipl.Kfm.) in business administration and finance from the Eberhard-Karls-University in Tuebingen/ Germany.