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In the light of the current outbreak of COVID 19 across Europe, we have prepared an option to accommodate those delegates who will not be allowed to travel. The situation might fully be under control by the time when the training is planned to run, however we want to make sure everyone will get the same chance to take part in this unique training course.

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  • Alec McCann
  • Reliability Services Engineer
  • ERIKS UK & Ireland
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Course description

An organization with skilled condition monitoring technicians and analysts experiences lower maintenance costs and higher plant reliability. Condition-based maintenance is focused on preventing asset failures, downtime, and unnecessary practices by monitoring asset health to determine what maintenance needs to be completed and when. Coupled with an effective planning and scheduling process, maintenance costs and production downtime can be dramatically reduced.

Rotating machinery, electrical equipment, and practically every other type of equipment you may operate in your plant provide an indication when failure is initiated. While it is necessary to understand how equipment fails, we can achieve anywhere from weeks, months, and even years of warning before failure occurs. That enables us to establish a corrective maintenance plan and schedule the work at the optimal time in order to reduce spare parts holding costs, the time required to perform the corrective maintenance, and the impact on production. Proper planning increases the quality of the work performed and reduces safety and environmental risks.

However, it takes a skilled group of technicians and analysts to conduct the right tests, at the right time, and correctly diagnose the problem and assess the severity. And it takes a skilled leader to manage the condition monitoring program to ensure everyone is trained and the program is established correctly.

Condition monitoring has a key role to play in every maintenance program and can be considered essential to any predictive maintenance strategy. It is a valuable tool for optimizing safety standards, maximizing operational efficiency, and enhancing profitability. This three-day training course will provide participants the basics of the most commonly used condition monitoring techniques and the information needed to establish or improve condition monitoring programs in their organizations.

Key benefits

Understand the basic principles of condition monitoring and the most common techniques
Learn the benefits and limitations of each discipline
Develop an understanding of where these techniques will be most effective and
Understand where/why they are not effective
Select the most suitable method for their equipment


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